Have you got spiritual assurance?

Have you got spiritual assurance?

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Most of time we think about our physical health… going to the gym and keeping fit. Not much wrong with that. But how often do we think about our spiritual health?

Probably not as much. Do we ever consider where our soul will spend eternity?

It is most likely such thoughts do not come to mind too often. However, there are only two places the eternal soul will live on…heaven or hell.

Not easy to think about we know…but the truth never is, and eternity is forever and that’s a long time…so if you don’t know already, it’s important someone tells you. Just like if you were in danger you want someone to warn you.

The good news is you can do something about it now…whilst you’re living. You know it’s too late after. But if you’re reading this you can invest in your spiritual health now by doing two things.

Get right with God by asking for forgiveness of all sins (seeking repentance and have a daily ongoing relationship, where you spend time with him.

And although most people are likely to say I’m a good person I’m going to heaven …it’s not as simple as are you good or bad? This is because we have all told at least one lie in our lives, right? Well that already scuppers your chances right there.

Like we said it’s not based on simply being good or bad…it’s based on understanding we are sinners who need a saviour. We just need to repent this means be willing change direction, and put our faifth in Jesus. And He will do the rest,

Someone else put it better when he said if a stranger knocked on your door and said: “Hi there, I moving in with you and your family but I’m a good person so it’s okay. ”

Would you let them move in? Probably not. But if you knew them, if they were a friend and you had a relationship with them it’s most likely you would.

The same could be said for Heaven, God’s house. But now you have the directions to get there, the rest is up to you.

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