Why fear is rubbish

Why fear is rubbish

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Whenever we put the bin out this week, we should make sure put fear in there too. Why? Because that is where all unwanted things that are of no longer of use go. Right now, we expect many of us are feeling fearful. This “pandemic or virus” has caused many to panic. We get it. Only try not to.

I have always thought fear was a right ole sneaky thing. He was used to come up on me when I least expected it and frighten me to the core. That is how it was for a while. And then I just stopped speaking to fear. And that was that. Ignoring fear kind of got rid of him. And now we hardly speak. Sometimes he still tries to sneak up me. But I just focus on Jesus. And fear does a runner. Quick sharp. So, do not fear getting sick. Losing your job. Or what might happen or not happen. Just put those fears in the bin. And understand that prayer works.

There is only thing we should fear and that is dying without knowing Jesus. That why we are encouraging you to come into relationship with Him now before it’s too late.

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